Period. Patch 25mg Transdermal




Period. Patch transdermal patch is on the market and available for purchase in several states. Use for mood elevation, all day symptomatic relief, and long consistent cannabinoid delivery without the outward signs associated with cannabinoid use. It’s like a warm hug that lasts all day!

Each patch is latex and allergen free and delivers the dose automatically through the skin over the course of 12 hours. It’s perfect for travel, sleep, or for work, as you will feel an elevated mood and symptomatic relief without the visible signs of cannabis use.

1. Discreet Use
Patches worn are hidden from view. No external signs of use. You control the nature and context of your disclosure.

2. Controlled Dosing
Each dose will be absorbed into the body at controlled rate. No spikes where the dose is too intense and no crashing out after the dose is administered.

3. Ease of Use
Peel and apply to intact skin. Our patch does the rest.

4. Accurate Dosing
Each patch is pre-loaded. You know the exact dose you are taking.

5. Bioavailability
Each patch is formulated to extract the maximum benefit of the whole plant cannabis extract. Edibles and capsules damage and change active cannabinoid content in the acids of the stomach and in the filtration of the blood by the liver. Smoking of vaporizing incurs loss due to heat and the varying of gassing temperatures of the whole plant cannabinoids and terpenes. Patches modify the whole plant cannabinoids the least while delivering the maximum amount of whole plant terpenes and cannabinoids directly into the bloodstream.


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